No Money, Mo’ Problems.

Why do I always have the urge to spend money I don’t have?!?!

I look at all this cute shit and then I never budget for it. Buying green just always seems more important than those cute shoes that I really want or that hat, shirt, dress, skirt, jacket, etc… I could go on. 

I need to stop ballin’ on a budget and just be ballin’ 

The really good part is, when I do have the money to buy what I want -  I think “No Katie, that money could be used for something else… then when I do go to spend that money… its gone. 

I have a mom that gave me a taste for nice things and a dad who groomed me to believe that even if i had a million dollars I should still pink pennies. Opposite ends of the spectrum.   Which parental influence will prevail? 

well I’m always broke - so for now, i guess mom.